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Sharon Stone
Birthday: 10 March 1958

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in) for Sharon Stone. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@spybee.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Sharon Stone was born and raised in Meadville, a small town in Pennsylvania. Her strict father was a factory worker, and her mother was a homemaker. She was the second of four children. At the age of 15, she studied in Saegertown High School, PA, and at that same age, entered Edinboro State University of Pennsylvania, and graduated with a degree in creative writing and fine arts. She was a very smart girl (with an IQ of 154), became a bookworm, and once was told that a suitable job for her (and her brains) was to become a lawyer. However, her first love was still the black-and-white movies, especially those featuring 'Fred Astaire' (qv) and 'Ginger Rogers' (qv). So, the 17-year-old Sharon got herself into the Miss Pennsylvania beauty contest and won it. From working part-time as a McDonald's countergirl, she worked her way up to become a successful Ford model, both in TV commercials and print ads. Finally, in 1980, she made her debut in 'Woody Allen' (qv)'s _Stardust Memories (1980)_ (qv) as "pretty girl in train". Her first speaking part, though, was in Wes Craven's horror movie, _Deadly Blessing (1981)_ (qv). She struggled through many parts in B-movies, notably in _King Solomon's Mines (1985)_ (qv), and _Action Jackson (1988)_ (qv). She was also married in 1984 with 'Michael Greenburg' (qv), the producer of "MacGyver," but they divorced two years later. She finally received her big break with 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv) in _Total Recall (1990)_ (qv) and also posed nude for Playboy, a daring move for a 32-year-old actress. But it worked; she accepted a breaktrough role as a sociopath novelist, Catherine Tramell, in in _Basic Instinct (1992)_ (qv) with 'Michael Douglas' (qv). Her interrogation scene has become a classic in film history, and her performance captivated everyone, from MTV viewers, who honored her with Most Desirable Female and Best Female Performance Awards, to a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. After she got famous, she didn't want to be typecast, so she played a victim in _Sliver (1993)_ (qv) and in _Intersection (1994)_ (qv), she was the aloof, estranged wife of 'Richard Gere' (qv). These movies didn't "work," so she got herself again into more aggressive roles , such as _Specialist, The (1994)_ (qv), with 'Sylvester Stallone' (qv) and _Quick and The Dead, The (1995)_ (qv) with 'Gene Hackman' (qv). But it wasn't until she played a beautiful but drug-crazy wife of 'Robert De Niro' (qv) in _Casino (1995)_ (qv) that she got far more than just fame and fortune--she also received the acknowledgement of the movie industry for her acting ability. She received her first Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. She did a couple of films afterwards, teaming up with 'Isabelle Adjani' (qv) in _Diabolique (1996)_ (qv), and as a woman waiting for her death penalty in _Last Dance (1996)_. In 1998, she married a newspaper editor, Phil Bronstein. She also received her third Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress that year for _Mighty, The (1998)_ (qv), a film that her company, Chaos, also co-executive produced. The next year, she entered her first comedic role in _Muse, The (1999)_ (qv), which starred and was directed by 'Albert Brooks' (qv), and gave her another Golden Globe nomination. Sharon Stone, a diva who thoroughly enjoys her hard-won stardom, is now a mother of an adorable baby boy, Roan Joseph.

Biography courtesy of the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com).


Movie Credits
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Imagining Total Recall (2001)
Rachel Ticotin ] 
Blonde Poison: The Making of Basic Instinct (2001)
In the Shadow of Hollywood (2000)
Picking Up the Pieces (2000)
Maria Grazia Cucinotta ] [ Fran Drescher ] 
Beautiful Joe (2000)
If These Walls Could Talk 2 (Made for TV) (2000)
Vanessa Redgrave ] [ Mitsou ] [ Ellen Degeneres ] [ Michelle Williams ] [ Nia Long ] [ Lisa Welti ] [ Elizabeth Perkins ] 
CyberWorld (2000)
Jenna Elfman ] 
Beyond the Summit (Made for TV) (2000)
Simpatico (1999)
Catherine Keener ] 
Muse, The (1999)
Cybill Shepherd ] [ Andie MacDowell ] [ Jennifer Tilly ] 
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Stars (Made for TV) (1999)
Mia Farrow ] [ Bridget Fonda ] [ Jessica Lange ] [ Lynn Redgrave ] [ Angelina Jolie ] [ Julia Roberts ] [ Geena Davis ] [ Claire Danes ] [ Emily Watson ] [ Laura Dern ] [ Teri Garr ] 
Sissy Duckling, The (Made for TV) (1999)
Gloria (1999)
Bonnie Bedelia ] [ Sarita Choudhury ] 
Forever Hollywood (1999)
Salma Hayek ] 
Stars of Star Wars: Interviews with the Cast, The (1999)
Carrie Fisher ] [ Natalie Portman ] 
Jews and Buddhism: Belief Amended, Faith Revealed (1999)
Mighty, The (1998)
Gillian Anderson ] 
Antz (1998)
Anne Bancroft ] [ Jennifer Lopez ] 
Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's (1998)
Fay Wray ] [ Donna Summer ] [ Jessica Lange ] [ Sally Kirkland ] 
Sphere (1998)
Salute to Martin Scorsese, A (Made for TV) (1997)
Winona Ryder ] 
Big Guns Talk: The Story of the Western (Made for TV) (1997)
Jane Seymour ] [ Rosalind Chao ] [ Amy Madigan ] 
Last Dance (1996)
Mimi Craven ] [ Jayne Brook ] 
Diabolique (1996)
Isabelle Adjani ] [ Kathy Bates ] [ Spela ] 
Catwalk (1995)
Carla Bruni ] [ Kate Moss ] [ Cindy Crawford ] [ Naomi Campbell ] [ Veronica Webb ] [ Linda Evangelista ] [ Christy Turlington ] [ Claudia Schiffer ] [ Sandra Bernhard ] 
Quick and the Dead, The (1995)
67th Annual Academy Awards, The (1995)
Uma Thurman ] [ Ellen Barkin ] [ Anna Paquin ] [ Jamie Lee Curtis ] [ Sarah Jessica Parker ] [ Andie MacDowell ] [ Toni ] [ Holly Hunter ] [ Oprah Winfrey ] [ Susan Sarandon ] 
Casino (1995)
Melissa Prophet ] [ Heide Keller ] 
Specialist, The (1994)
Ahna Capri ] 
Intersection (1994)
Lolita Davidovich ] 
1993 MTV Movie Awards (Made for TV) (1993)
Rosie O'Donnell ] [ Rachel Hunter ] [ Rosie Perez ] [ Valeria Golino ] [ Sarah Jessica Parker ] [ Whitney Houston ] [ Marisa Tomei ] [ Kelly Lynch ] 
Sliver (1993)
Colleen Camp ] [ Marne Patterson ] 
Last Action Hero (1993)
Colleen Camp ] [ Angie Everhart ] [ Tina Turner ] [ Maria Shriver ] [ Karen Duffy ] [ Leeza Gibbons ] [ Bridgette Wilson ] 
Harlow: The Blonde Bombshell (Made for TV) (1993)
Basic Instinct (1992)
Leilani Sarelle ] [ Jeanne Tripplehorn ] 
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (1992)
Mary Woronov ] [ Jillian McWhirter ] 
64th Annual Academy Awards, The (1992)
Demi Moore ] [ Daryl Hannah ] [ Kathy Bates ] [ Elizabeth Taylor ] [ Geena Davis ] [ Audrey Hepburn ] [ Laura Dern ] [ Susan Sarandon ] 
Scissors (1991)
Year of the Gun (1991)
Valeria Golino ] 
Diary of a Hit Man (1991)
Lois Chiles ] [ Sherilyn Fenn ] 
He Said, She Said (1991)
Elizabeth Perkins ] [ Leeza Gibbons ] 
Making of 'Total Recall', The (Made for TV) (1990)
Total Recall (1990)
Rachel Ticotin ] [ Lycia Naff ] 
Beyond the Stars (1989)
Olivia D'Abo ] 
Sangre y arena (1989)
Action Jackson (1988)
Melissa Prophet ] 
Above the Law (1988)
Pam Grier ] 
Tears in the Rain (Made for TV) (1988)
Cold Steel (1987)
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987)
Colleen Camp ] [ Leslie Easterbrook ] 
Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1987)
Cassandra Peterson ] 
King Solomon's Mines (1985)
Deborah Kerr ] 
Calendar Girl Murders (Made for TV) (1984)
Barbara Parkins ] [ Camilla More ] [ Penny Baker ] [ Victoria Tucker ] [ Claudia Christian ] [ Meredith Macrae ] 
Irreconcilable Differences (1984)
Drew Barrymore ] [ Luana Anders ] [ Laura Campbell ] 
Vegas Strip War, The (Made for TV) (1984)
Not Just Another Affair (Made for TV) (1982)
Victoria Principal ] [ Greta Blackburn ] [ Markie Post ] 
Deadly Blessing (1981)
Lisa Hartman ] [ Maren Jensen ] 
Uns et les autres, Les (1981)
Geraldine Chaplin ] [ Eva Darlan ] [ Fanny Ardant ] [ Alexandra Stewart ] [ Evelyne Bouix ] 
Stardust Memories (1980)
Cynthia Gibb ] [ Jessica Harper ] [ Charlotte Rampling ] 

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Click here to buy movie posters! If you are looking for pictures of hot female actresses or celebrities, check out FemaleStars.comThey currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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